Daffie the Clown

Alias: Alice Baumgardner, nationally known entertainer for all kinds from clowning to karaoke. Daffie does stage shows and performs and country clubs, resorts, shopping malls, company picnics, corporate events, and children birthday parties. She does full face painting, cheek art, balloon hats and animals, comedy magic shows, and kid’s karaoke. Daffie is a member of World Clown Association and Southeast Clown Association. She has judged at national clown conventions and taught class at local high schools. Daffie was a hospital clown for many years. Daffie was also a past president of Gator Clowns of Jacksonville. She also performs for schools and library shows to promote reading.

Alias: Alice Baumgardner
Phone: 904-406-4673
Cell: 904 742-8112
Email: alicerushing@bellsouth.net
Look for me on MySpace at: http://www.myspace.com/adaffie1