Blinky & Bunky

Teresa and Bob Gretton stepped into the shoes of “Blinky” and “Bunky-the-Clowns” in the late 1970’s. Bob mentored at the Circus Hall of Fame, Sarasota, FL in 1977. “Bunky” made his first appearance at their civic association fun day in 1977. From 1982-1988, they both starred in and produced their own one-hour weekly cable television show, “Clowning Around with Bunky” on ChascoVision Cable in Charles County, Maryland. Currently, Teresa has developed a new clown character, “Blondi,” a lite auguste (a lighter makeup).

In 2009, Bob was named the 2009 Clowns of America International (COAI) Clown of the Year. Teresa served as COAI Secretary from 1996 to 2010. They lecture at COAI and regional conventions nationwide as well as Canada and Mexico. Bob is President of Red Nose Response, a comic relief organization founded in 2005 just after Hurricane Katrina. With his help, Red Nose Response partnered with the Southern Maryland Chapter of the American Red Cross in 2006 to help bring more awareness to the comic relief organization. The Mid Atlantic Clown Association honored Bob with the 2006 Clownitarian Award.

Besides COAI, they are affiliated with regional associations (SECA, MACA, Toby the Clown Foundation) and conventions (Circus Magic, Kentucky Clown Derby, TNT, Kapitol Kidvention). In December 2008, Teresa and Bob joined a contingency from the COAI Board to attend the Fourth Concentration of International Clowns in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, for purposes of ambassadorship and goodwill within the Latin Countries.

Both have quite a knack in teaching children the art of clowning. They have been instructors at Kids College, Southern Maryland College. Their talent, patience, and expertise have been recognized by other clown groups, most notably Little Big Top at Circus Magic (Williamsburg, VA) and Kentucky Clown Derby (Clarksburg, IN). They have appeared on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart on the Comedy Central Channel and the National Geographic Channel. Together they have produced half time shows for the Washington Redskins’ football organization. Their performances at the White House, Capitol Building, and the Kennedy Center join countless parties, picnics, festivals, school and stage shows.

They are also pleased to announce that they both are on staff at their local Red Cross chapter and have promoted Red Cross and disaster preparedness in their benefit clown stage shows.

Bunky and Blinky-the-Clowns are household words in many families who have grown up with them. They bring miles of SMILES to children of all ages. Sit back and relax and get ready for giggles and fun as the dynamic duo produce smiles in everyone.

Alias: Bob & Teresa Gretton
P.O. Box 787
Waldorf, MD 20604-0787
Phone: 301-843-8212