Big Al & Giggles

Albin “Big Al" PELSKI
Albin "Big AI" Pelski graduated from Toby's Clown School in 1994. That year he also began as an "Elvis" performer. Together with his wife and clown partner "Giggles', he has
been busy ever since. His favorite events are charity fund raisers. They give him a warm fuzzy feeling. He is a Past President of Toby's Clown Alley and a recipient of the "Red
Nose Award", together with "Giggles" in 2002.

He is currently President of Toby's Clown Foundation. Under his administration the new Toby's American Clown Museum and Library has been completed and two murals, one called "Toby's First Class" and the other called "The Art of Clowning" are done. The Foundation enjoys a wonderful partnership with the Lake Placid Mural Society and will always be an attraction to visitors to the area.

Toby's Clown School, a registered name well known locally as well as nationwide, attracts clown wannabes from all over for the several yearly classes. To date over fifteen hundred have graduated from Toby's Clown School. "Big AI" has put together a teaching staff of twelve clown specialists to ensure a quality class. He has survived open heart surgery, rheumatoid arthritis and prostate cancer. He believes his clowning is what keeps him going and vows to never stop clowning til he can't anymore.


Sandy "Giggles" Pelski started clowning in Toby's first class in February of 1993. She has been a nurse all her life. She returned to college to advance her degree in 1995. She enjoys water skiing, snow skiing, sewing, stained glass, beading and antiquing. She is a member of COAl, SECA, WCA, Toby's Clown Alley and Toby's Clown Foundation. She has been President of Toby's Clown Alley and won the alley's "Red Nose Award" (equal the clown of the year) in 2002.

She thoroughly enjoys performing skits with her husband and clown partner Albin "Big AI", and together they have won several medals in competition. She's always enthusiastic and spreads smiles and laughter everywhere she goes. She loves to do walkarounds at country fairs and festivals because the response she gets from young and old alike, make her feel good inside to know that's the best medicine for all involved. Giggles is a creative face painter and airbrush artist and is on the teaching staff of Toby's Clown School. She specializes in birthday parties for all ages.

Her motto is "Smiles always spread warmth and happiness and the twinkle in the eyes of a child as I approach them and work with them, make my day."